Plush Toys for Adults

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with holiday shopping? Does Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Lowest Prices of the Season claims dictate what toys you buy for the little ones in your life?

If you answered “yes”, don’t worry you are not alone!!! Many parents struggle with what to buy for their kids, and the promise of a good sale has swayed many parents to buy something because it was a good deal!!!

Does your bargain shopping leave you wondering if your great buys are developmentally appropriate? Here our top 5 developmentally appropriate toy choices for the holiday season:

Play Gym: A play gym is a perfect toy for a young infant who is starting to move around and is interested in exploring his/her surroundings. Infants understand the world around them through their sensory inputs and their motor outputs. A mat with different colors, textures, sounds, and attachments is sure to keep your little one occupied and engaged. This is also a great toy for travel; it is easy to pack up and take with you anywhere. Recommended age range birth-18 months.

Shape Sorter: This toy comes in many different shapes and sizes, making it easy to find and a perfect pick for you developing child. This toy helps older infants and young toddlers work on their eye hand coordination, their ability to match colors and shapes, and helps them understand the differences of shapes, sizes, and colors. It is a great toy to reinforce the development of their fine motor skills and strengthen their cognitive growth. Recommended age range 6-18 months. 성인용품

Board Books: Books are an excellent way to introduce your child to the importance of reading and language development. Books that work best for infants are soft, have lots of colors, and many different textures. As your child grows, sturdier board books that focus on first word sounds are a terrific next step. Children learn to associate a picture item with letters and finally the word. This helps as they grow and begin the process of reading. Also, studies have shown that children who are engaged with books at an early age are more likely to continue to love reading as they reach their school age years. Recommended age range 3 months-3years.

Puzzles: Puzzles are an ideal toy for your child and can be a wonderful gift for any age. Puzzles with sounds, textures, and knobs are perfect for little ones. They help with fine motor skills and their understanding of relationships between objects. As your child grows into the toddler years, chunky big piece puzzles are perfect for their developing brains and bodies. When your child finishes a puzzle it provides him/her with a sense of autonomy which fosters a positive self-concept and self-esteem. Recommended age range 12 months-4 years. Older children can explore puzzles with smaller pieces and more involved designs.

Blocks/Building Toys: Blocks are a great way to tap into your child’s imagination and creativity. These come in different material; wood, plastic, fabric, and foam to name a few. Blocks or toys that require building, linking toys together, or creating something is a way for your child to explore his/her creative side and are a fantastic toy to play with a friend, sibling, or even an adult. Children can learn to work together, or appreciate the differences of others through the creations each one builds. This type of play can foster positive, cooperative relationships as your child grows. Recommended age range 6 months-5 years.


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