Self Adhesive Labels Can Simplify And Amplify Your Melbourne Business

I know this might sound like a lofty statement, but self adhesive labels can make a world of difference to your business. And Melbourne is home to an array different types of label manufacturers and retailers. So before you start thinking that I “need to get out more,” here are a few things you might want to consider.

How can self adhesive labels make a difference to your business?

As the name suggests, self adhesive labels are labels that can attach to other surfaces and materials without the help of any additional glues, nails, staples etc.

Magnetic labels (like the often used “fridge magnet”) fall into this category. These are used by many businesses in a number of industries (most notably the fast food and home services industries) to increase their brand awareness.

However, the most obvious and most commonly used type of label is the humble sticker, which has an array of uses.

How can you use stickers in your business? DHL etiketten

Stickers can be used to label products with:

  1. Sale price (either directly on the product, or on adjacent shelves)
  2. Barcodes and “Product ID” information
  3. Dates which products should be “Used-By” (otherwise marked as “Best Before”).


They can also be used to label products with custom messages. For example, if you’d moved premises and you needed to change the address of your business on brochures or catalogues, you could order a number of pre-printed labels (with your new contact information) to be sent to you, ready to be stuck on to your sales material.

On the other hand, if your Melbourne business wanted to do a “mail-out” to your database of customers, you could finish this task quite quickly and easily. Using mail-merge, you could print your customers’ names and addresses onto blank self-adhesive labels that are then stuck onto envelopes and mailed out with your product catalogues, “Thank You” notes, “Birthday Cards” or “Closed-Door Sale” information.

And if your business deals in fresh fruit, you can label a variety of fruit with stickers (think of the last time you had to peel one off an apple or a banana).

Stickers can be bought in either rolls or sheets, depending on the type of printer or labeling equipment your business uses.

And at the personal use level, stickers can be used to print cartoons and funky messages.


Self adhesive labels are versatile and inexpensive to use. They’re extremely useful as a marketing tool and are flexible enough to convey stock information for you and your customers. And of course, you can’t go past them as a time and money saver for your employees.


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