Drink Tap Water Only After it Has Been Filtered For Improved Health

Drink tap water only after it has been through a filtration system, like a home water purifier, to ensure that you are drinking only the best quality aqua that is free from harmful chemicals and bacteria. You could very well be surprised to learn that standard H2O, although filtered at the municipal water plant, still contains chemicals like chlorine.

This standard treatment for destroying potentially lethal bacteria has unfortunately been linked to increased cases of rectal and bladder cancer in long term users. The only sure way to be certain that you are ingesting H2O that is free of this harmful chemical is to have access to a properly filtered supply.

A home filtration unit is the ideal and many different varieties are available. A good filter will remove not only fine sediment and debris but it will also leech all chlorine away, improving the flavor. The scent of the water is also greatly improved. Eliza Filter

Micro-organisms can flourish even in treated aqua and you can only be one hundred percent assured that your supply is free of any harmful bacteria by ensuring that you install a good quality filtration system. Various filtration membranes will remove sediments and chemicals and the addition of a carbon filter will leech out any other residual chemicals.

This will ensure a vast improvement to the taste, smell and clarity of the drink in your glass. Some filtration systems will even incorporate a filter that puts back the trace elements and minerals that are removed during the filtration process. If you use a reverse osmosis filter you might be surprised to learn that this method of filtration removes all the good elements with the bad.

In such a case, picking a filter that has the option of returning the good trace elements is desirable. Many a household also prefers to have faucet filters, so that they can choose to turn them on and off as required. This is useful for when you want to wash your dishes and then later, for turning the filter back on for drinking water.

Avoid drinking straight from an unfiltered supply as you cannot be sure what harmful ingredients you are ingesting. It is a little known fact that many people dispose of their expired medications via their sinks and toilets. There is no filtration system in place at the municipality that can filter out these potentially harmful substances and you are ingesting trace elements of a concoction of every type of medication imaginable.

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