NeuroStar TMS Therapy

NeuroStar TMS Therapy is a relatively new technology that has been devised to help treat people suffering from depression. Depression is a condition that has been around for ages, and more people suffer from it than is realized. This condition stems from many different causes, some of which may not be so clear, depending on the nature of the case.

One thing is clear, however: depression is not just something that a person can “snap out of.” As a matter of fact, in spite of the numerous factors that trigger depression, the general consensus is that depression is related to the physical changes in the brain. The levels of chemicals in the brain and their imbalances lead to episodes of depression.

Anyone may become afflicted with depression. Age, race, and gender may affect the risk factor but in general, there is no way of saying that one is safe from the condition. Statistics show that women are twice as likely to be depressed as compared to men. Elderly people are also more susceptible to becoming depressed. ABA Therapy in Cutler Bay

Over the years, various treatments have been devised to treat depression. Perhaps the most popular and mainstream treatment is medication. Antidepressant medication is prescribed by qualified medical professionals and they work by altering the chemical levels in the brain. The important thing to remember about these kinds of treatments is that they take some time to work – the effects may not be manifested until weeks after the start of the treatment. More so, they have some side effects.

A breakthrough in depression treatment is NeuroStar Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation. This treatment does not make use of any oral medication nor does it fall under involve invasive surgery. In fact, this depression treatment is touted as being as easy as having your teeth cleaned by the dentist!

How does it work? Transcranical Magnetic Stimulation, or TMS, works by sending pulses of magnetic energy to the brain. These pulses are very short and are sent repetitively. The goal is to stimulate the brain’s nerve cells in the area which controls the mood of the patient. The end result is simple: the nerve cells fire (or transmit signals), causing the chemical levels to change.

TMS therapy has been around since 1985, but it was not till recently gave its seal of approval for the technology to be used in the treatment of depression. Today, TMS therapy is a widely accepted method of treating depression. There are some requirements for those wanting to undergo this treatment, though, and one important consideration is that only people who have undergone antidepressant medication and failed to benefit may seek TMS therapy.

Centers offering TMS therapy can be found all over the country. In Long Island, there is a facility specializing in TMS therapy. Dubbed neurostar tms long island, the center has years of experience behind it, and offers this non-invasive treatment without the risk of side effects associated with antidepressant medication. If you are looking for alternative treatments for depression long island, then T.M.S. Center of Long Island is the premier choice.

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